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Energy Surveys
  • Covers  all Electrical Equipment
  • Pinpoint Energy Hotspots
  • Advise on Best Practices
  • Motor Savings
  • Data-logging of  equipment
  • Reports on Energy Usage
  • Includes  Roofing
  • Building Interior Advice
  • Boiler technologies
  • Water & Gas surveyed for energy  system connectivity
  • Internal & External Lighting Surveyed
  • SCADA/BMS Included
  • Operator Feedback Welcomed
  • Area Occupancy Checks

Energy Surveys UK & Ireland

Because we carry out energy installations, energy surveys are part and parcel of what we do. Experience has taught us that there is a lot that can be missed on a quick look around. We prefer to take our time and get as much information as we can often returning for a follow up survey.

With your permission we photograph and record. All area measurements are taken with laser. Detailed drawings are produced, quality of skylights noted, motor ratings recorded, control systems noted etc. You would be surprised at the detail we go into; often fine-tuning our recommendations several times before we go back to the customer. We advise on and offer energy systems if not already in place and check water, gas and electricity energy connectivity. 

In fact, we carry out a proper survey; our check list runs to over 50 parameters which we like to get information on, but don’t worry about answering a multitude of questions as we capture  most of information ourselves. 

Call us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.