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Maintenance & Asset Management
  • Reduce your maintenance costs 
  • Reduce your equipment’s downtime 
  • Improve your team’s safety 
  • Notification of urgent tasks 
  • Notification of urgent renewals 
  • Notification of urgent maintenance 
  • Improved tracking and accountability via reports and task log-in actions 
  • Instant access to information
And More…
  • H&S acceptance prior to  starting work 
  • Cost analysis against asset 
  • Central storage of  all asset information 
  • Information sharing 
  • Increased  reliability of  assets 
  • Decrease spend on reactive maintenance 
  • Customise  the system to suit 
  • Find  using multiple search or interactive maps 
  • Minimal training 
  • Low cost solution

System Asset & Maintenance Software UK & Ireland

Asset Management Software is a web-based solution which allows organisations to record all aspects of maintenance for their assets. It also acts as an alerting system to notify users of upcoming maintenance and actions.

The Need for AMS: From our research, we found that many organisations do not utilise a system to manage their assets and maintenance and allow valuable company information to be held in employees’ memories and notepads. Many others store important information using: whiteboards, individual text files, various unmaintained databases, spread-sheets, storeroom binders and old defunct software systems.

The Solution: Our Software Asset Maintenance (SAM) is a tool to help organisations manage their asset maintenance jobs (both preventative and reactionary). Assets can vary from large machinery to small cars and even people. Maintenance can include engine overhauls, certificate renewals, vehicles' tax and MOT, or even staff training. 

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